HRSC helps companies verify their ethical supply chain to their customers.

Certify Your supply Chain

Why an Ethical Supply Chain Is Important.

  • An estimated 16 million people are enslaved in our supply chains around the world making goods for us in the US, the EU and beyond.
  • Consumers are looking to buy ethically made products.
  • Governments around the world are issuing fines to companies who are found to have slave labor, child labor and human trafficking within their supply chain.  
  • With an HRSC Certification your customers will recognize your ethical brand.

What is the HRSC Certification?

The Human Rights In YOUR  Supply Chain® Certification is a globally recognized trademark logo for companies to display on their brand that shows their supply chain has been ethically verified and no humans have been harmed. Similar to a Cruelty Free trademark, The HRSC certification consists of working with the supply chain ensuring that no human rights were violated getting their product to market.

Our Standards

HRSC will help companies bring their products to market by ensuring no humans have been harmed in the process within their supply chains. Using the standards given by the International Labor Organization (ILO). Will focus on Human trafficking, forced/slave/ labor, illegal child labor, bonded labor, poor unsafe unhygienic work conditions, excessive work hours, harsh/inhumane treatment and discrimination.

Free Of Forced Labor

Supply chains that are certified do not contain any forced or slave labor.

Free Of Illegal Child Labor

Certified supply chains are free of illegal child labor.

Free Of Human Trafficking

Supply chains must be free of any human trafficking.

Are you ready to certify your supply chain?